Dive right in!

No matter what age or skill level, we've got programs for you! Come join the Chicago Blue Dolphins family, and we'll find the right class for you to improve your skills and enjoyment of the water.

Swim lessons...the gift that lasts a lifetime!

We start our classes as early as six months. Get your little one started on a lifetime love of water. Our gentle, play-based instruction will keep your child giggling while she transforms into safe, relaxed, and capable little dolphin.

Send it forward!

We build the best strokes and the total swimmer -- efficient, flowing, powerful, and supremely confident. We'll teach you to swim in harmony with the water and cut through it with ease and speed.

Classes that grow as your skills grow!

Whether you are focused on water safety or if you have racing aspirations, our classes will take you there. Our outstanding coaching, industry-leading methods, and cutting edge technologies will keep elevating your game as your skills grow.

Our coaching is a breath of fresh air

Want to improve your triathlon or open water swim? We use the industry-leading Total Immersion method in our classes and training programs. We develop the specific skills and conditioning you need to be successful -- no more garbage yardage and mindless laps.

Where Excellence is Learned

Whatever your current age or skill level, Chicago Blue Dolphins has a spot for you to dive in. Our outstanding coaches and unique class progression can continue to challenge you as your skills grow -- or your child grows, as the case may be. We don't believe that talent is something you are born with. With the right methods, technology, and practice plan you can achieve things in the water that you never thought possible. If you are a parent, we hope that you will be an active participant in your child's journey from her first bubbles to a lifetime of enjoyment and fitness in whatever pools, lakes, or oceans she encounters.

Infant-Toddler Lessons

We start as early as 6 months with our infant-toddler program. We take a gentle, no-tears approach when teaching your little one to swim and be safe in the water. Our parent-child classes let you bond with your child and join in the fun.

Children's Lessons

Our preschool and school-age learn-to-swim programs start at 4 years. We emphasize relaxation and water confidence before teaching the competitive strokes. We include deep water skills to ensure our swimmers are confident in water of any depth. Private lesson options are available.

Advanced Child Classes

We help competitive swimmers refine their strokes, starts, and turns in small classes or private lessons using targeted practices and technology. We get rid of the mindless laps and hone the technique and racing skills that make a real difference at race time.

Adult Learn-to-Swim

Afraid of the water or just inexperienced? Our learn to swim program will build confidence in the water and help you swim for fitness. Our classes and private lessons emphasize comfort and resourcefulness in deep water -- a common concern for adults. You'll also have a fun time -- bonus!

Adult Stroke Refinement

Many adults can do the strokes but feel exhausted or ineffective. We use the Total Immersion method to eliminate struggle and build balanced, streamlined, and speedier strokes. Small group classes, private lessons, and weekend immersion workshops are available.

Fast Forward Training

We do targeted and individualized training programs for adults wanting to improve their triathlon, open water, or Masters swims. Our smart practices will refine your skills through technology-enhanced, accelerated learning. Group, private, and remote options are available.