What Makes Us Different

There are three dimensions to Chicago Blue Dolphins that make us unique among the other swim schools, triathlon clubs, health clubs, and public facilities across the city:

  1. We Deliver Consistently Outstanding Coaching – We’re committed to consistently delivering outstanding coaching that builds the best strokes – efficient, flowing, and powerful.  We are also committed to building the total swimmer – safe, relaxed and confident in any body of water or any water depth.  We hire and train our coaches so you get the experience of great coaching every time you walk through the door.
  2. We Make You Your Own Best Coach – We are determined to teach you how to use the cutting edge methods, tools, and industry best practices at the foundation of our lessons, so you walk out our door being their own best coach.  We feel that it’s our responsibility as a business to “work ourselves out of a job” by ensuring our swimmers can practice and grow at those times when we are not around to direct them.
  3. We Teach Swimmers of All Ages and Skill Levels – Since 2003, we’ve taught thousands of swimmers of all ages and skill levels how to improve their technique, fitness, and enjoyment of the sport.  We feel that this breadth of clients gives us a more robust feedback to keep our saws sharp and keeps us from being just a “one trick pony.”

Taken all together, we want to be able to help swimmers of all ages and skill levels swim more beautifully, with more enjoyment, and, if speed is the goal, faster.

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