Complementary Kettlebell Classes at Hi-Fi Personal Fitness

I was at a fitness expo this weekend, and I got into a conversation with one of the trainers at Hi-Fi Personal Fitness about some complementary kettlebell classes this month. They will run on Monday October 19th and Monday October 26th at 7am. The classes will be about 45 minutes long and complimentary. The classes are normally $25 for 1 class or 10 for $200.

The kettlebells are cool because they do all-body fitness development. They work strength, cardio, and flexibility all at the same time. The instructor is a Level 2 RKC Instructor which is apparently a top of line certification.

Hi-Fi Personal Fitness is at 1030 North Ave. Suite 300. For questions, you can contact or at 312.342.5712.

Check it out and see how you like the class and the location.

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