Kids Swim Team

We’re excited that you are looking into the Chicago Blue Dolphins kids swim team! We strive to have our kids learn great strokes, build fitness and racing skills, and become a great team mate and a strong young person. Please contact us if you have questions unanswered by the following sections:

Program Overview — Kids Swim Team

We are a year round swimming club in the downtown Chicago area. Our coaching staff loves swimming and teaching kids great strokes and good practice habits. Our programs provide a safe, positive and productive environment for 10-and-under kids of all abilities. Regardless of a swimmer’s current skill level, we encourage our athletes to live and train with vigor.

As a new swim team, we are focused on 10-and-under swimmers. We feel that starting with young swimmers will allow us to grow organically and build our team culture for years to come. We want your child’s swimming experience to be a positive one where she is energized, focused, challenged, and able to pursue her dreams. Controlling and focusing our growth for the long team is the best way for us to achieve great results.

Our coaching approach is grounded in four important principles:

  1. Technically Strong Strokes — The most important key to long term success of a swimmer is a foundation of strong stroke mechanics. Our coaches will apply our proven teaching system to help our young swimmers build and train efficient mechanics at our swim practices. We will limit the size of the training groups to allow our coaches to teach as well as train rather than just chaperon a “salmon run.”
  2. Practices with Purpose — There’s nothing more frustrating as a parent (or a swimmer) than seeing a lot of “swimming back and forth” where your child is making the same mistake over and over again. Our practices are designed to push the limits of our swimmers but with the ultimate purpose of training the right strokes and habits for race day.
  3. Build Great Practice Habits and Racing Skills — Swimmers who stay in the sport and succeed in the long term do so because they have great practice habits. We teach our kids how to practice well by understanding the goals of the sets and teaching them to recognize whether they are achieving those goals (e.g., time, stroke counts, tempos, etc.) We will also work with the kids to learn and regularly practice racing skills like starts, turns, and streamlines, so they nail them on race day. Great and consistent practice will help make success on race day inevitable.
  4. Great Team Mates — The best memories of competitive swimming are usually about the people you met on the team.  While we want to create an environment where each individual child is successful, we also want to teach our kids how to be a positive member of a team and community. We will encourage a spirit of shared goals, mutual support, and respect. Our swimmers will take those lessons from the pool back to school and into the rest of their lives.

Kids Swim Team Payment Plans

We currently have a one, two, and three practice per week options. Our practice schedule is shown below:

Weekday Time Location
Monday 5:15-6:15pm Swift Elementary
Wednesday 5:15-6:15pm Swift Elementary
Saturday 9:00-10:00am Swift Elementary

The table below shows the monthly tuition for the kids swim team payment plans. You’ll need to tell the office which days that you would like your child to come if you choose the one or two day per week plans.

Payment Plan Monthly Tuition
One Practice per Week $50.00
Two Practices per Week $75.00
Three Practices per Week $95.00

Contact our office to register your child for Chicago Blue Dolphins.

Prerequisites for Joining Chicago Blue Dolphins

Because we will doing all four strokes in our practices, your kiddo needs to have a solid foundation of skills in the competitive strokes.  We want our swimmers to have completed our Intermediate 2 class before joining the team.  If your child is not currently enrolled in our stroke development classes, completion of Intermediate 2 requires the swimmer be able to do the following:

  • 50 yards of Freestyle with the ability to breathe on both sides and basic body rotation
  • 50 yards of Backstroke with a straight arm recovery and body roll
  • 25 yards of Breaststroke with basic pull-breathe-kick-glide technique
  • 15 yards of Butterfly with at least 1 rhythmic breath with arms clearing the water, landing in unison, and no flutter kick
  • 30 seconds of Treading Water so we know your child is comfortable in deep water

If you don’t feel your child can meet these requirements, please contact our office to set up an assessment lesson to get placed in our stroke development classes.  If you feel your child can meet these requirements, call the office and schedule a time to stop by a swim practice and one of our coaches will do a quick assessment.

Upcoming Swim Practice Schedule

The following table lists the upcoming practice schedule for the Chicago Blue Dolphins kids team.

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