Open water swimming in Lake Michigan begins June 22 – Sign up today!

Build your open water swimming skills with practices by Chicago Blue Dolphins

Improve your open water swimming skills by training with the Chicago Blue Dolphins in Lake Michigan this summer.

Whether you’re training for a triathlon, Half IRONMAN or IRONMAN or want to improve your open water swimming skills, we’re gearing up for another season of open water swim training and practice in Lake Michigan.

This course is ideal for adults looking for a structured open water practice and those who want to be more effective open water swimmers.

During the course, we will work on stroke improvement and open water skills, such as siting, water entries and drafting.

We will also incorporate long swims, building up to the distances that are appropriate for those training for a triathlon, Half IRONMAN or IRONMAN.

The details are:

  • When:
    6:15 pm every Thursday – Be ready to get in the water at 6:15!
    June 22 – Aug. 31
  • Prerequisites:
    – Adults who have completed a Level 1 Freestyle swim clinic or are enrolled in our Fast Forward swimming classes.
    – Anyone who has completed at least one sprint triathlon.
    (Haven’t completed a tri but want to learn? Call us at 773-342-7250 or email us to see what we recommend.)
  • What To Bring:
    We strongly recommend that you swim in a wet suit (provide your own), particularly early in the season.
  • Cost:

To register or get answers to your questions, call our office at 773-342-7250.

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