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Swim lessons at Swift Elementary SchoolOur Fast Forward Swim Training Program is a technology-enhanced, accelerated swimming program for adult triathlete, fitness and Masters swimmers.

Fast Forward is the program for you if you are looking for more intensive coaching, individualized practices, and specific training sets designed for fitness and racing needs.

We designed Fast Forward to rapidly develop and refine the skills and fitness that you need to achieve race day successes. We apply the Total Immersion stroke drills and training methods to help you practice mindfully and improve in a shorter period of time.

What are the Practices Like?
Our approach is grounded in four important principles:

  1. Make the Training Targeted—Our practices are individualized to your current skill level and goals. We will do a monthly evaluation of your stroke and fitness to set baseline metrics. Your practices will reference your key drills and stroke focal points, your baseline swim metrics and your goal paces.
  2. Apply Focus-Directing Technology—We use technology such as Tempo Trainers, FistGloves, mirrors, underwater video and snorkels to fully engage you in the task at hand to accelerate the skill acquisition process.
  3. Give Extensive Feedback—We want you to be your own best coach. While there will be a coach on deck or in the water for the group sessions, we build feedback into our sets to help you evaluate how your are doing in real time.  That sensory acuity is a key skill that all great athletes have and one you must develop to realize your potential
  4. The System is Key—The Total Immersion system is the most effective way to develop skills and become a better swimmer.  Our experience in over 10 years of teaching this method is that first learning the system of drills and then training using the drills is the absolute key to an athlete’s success.
What is Included in the Fast Forward Training Program?
The Fast Forward program includes:

  • Coach Intensive Sessions—One, two or three days per week of coach-led swim practices.
  • Remote Self-Directed Practices—Two days of practices to do on your own. Practices are delivered through Training Peaks and are tailored to your skill-level, distance and goals.
  • Regular Evaluations—During each monthly cycle, we will video tape your swimming to identify key areas for improvement.  We will also run a skills-appropriate performance set to help you track your progress and graduate to the next level of skills and difficulty.
  • Membership Discount—As long as you are an active member of Fast Forward, you will receive a 20 percent discount on all private lessons that you take at our CBD Swim Studio.
What are the Prerequisites?
Because Fast Forward applies the stroke drills and training concepts that you learn in our lessons and clinics, we require our swimmers to complete either a CBD Freestyle 1 class, a Total Immersion Level 1 Freestyle workshop or an equivalent series of private lessons with a CBD coach.

We require our Fast Forward members to make an up-front investment into equipment for their practices to help make the training program more robust. (View the Starter Equipment Bundle.) If you have some of the elements of the bundle, we will remove them and discount the price.

When are the Training Sessions?
Here’s our schedule:
Where are the Training Sessions?
What is the Cost?
The monthly tuition for Fast Forward swim training is:

Subscription One Group Session per Week Two Group Sessions per Week Three or More Group Sessions per Week
Standard FF Plan $89 $114 $134
How Does Your Billing Work?
When you register for Fast Forward, we charge your credit card that day for the first month. We will then set you up for automatic payment on the same day in subsequent months. We will keep you on auto pay until you move into a program or class with a different tuition or until you discontinue swimming with us.
Please contact our office at 773-342-7250 or use the form below.

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