Tips for Your First Visit

Swimming classes for kids at Chicago Blue DolphinsWe’re excited to meet you and your family on your first visit to the Swim Studio!  This “Tips for your First Visit” page will deliver as much information as possible about what to bring and how to get to your lesson, so you can focus 100% of your attention on enjoying the swim lesson.  You can read this page straight through or pick one or more topics from the list below:

What to Bring to Your Lesson

Just so you don’t try to fit the kitchen sink your gear bag, here’s our suggested list of clothing and equipment to bring for your first lesson.

  • Swim Suit (Note:  If your child is in the Infant-Toddler sequence, you will need to get into the pool, too)
  • Towel
  • Goggles (for swimmers 3 and up)
  • Swim Cap (if you have hair below the ears)
  • Fitted, Reusable Swim Diaper AND Disposable Swim Diaper if your child is not potty-trained
  • Flip Flops or Deck Shoes (if you don’t want to walk barefoot)
  • Sweats, Shorts, T-Shirt, or Robe if you want to cover up or stay warm while waiting for your class

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Our insurance company requires that we receive insurance waivers for each one of our swimmers. Since reopening after the COVID-19 shutdown, we need to get two: a general liability waiver and a COVID-19 specific waiver. You can access each waiver at the links below.

If you forget to bring the waivers with you, don’t worry. We’ll have paper waivers on site for you to sign before your first lesson.
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Our Location and Parking

In the right column, you’ll find a map marking our Swim Studio at 2222 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, IL 60614.  Click on the address to pull up Google Maps for directions.  We are located just north of the intersection of Elston Ave. and Webster Ave. on the east side of the street.

There’s lots of free street parking in our neighborhood.  You can find it at:

  • The east and west sides of Elston Ave.
  • The lot with the Budget Truck Rental to the north of our location on the east side of the street.  Enter and park anywhere along the fence to the left
  • The north and south sides of Honore St.
  • The east and west sides of Lister St.
  • The north and south sides of Webster Ave. west of Lister Ave.

Click on the video to the right to get a neighborhood tour where we show you where to park and where not to park.
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Getting into the Facility and Exiting the Facility

Plan to leave your house so you can park and arrive at our front door 15 minutes before your lesson.  The general flow for the lesson is shown below:

  1. Arrive at our front door on Elston Ave.  It has a big “2222” on the front
  2. You will find a keypad to the right of the door.  Use the up or down arrows to scroll to find our business name.  Select our name to call our front desk.  We’ll buzz you into the facility
  3. Head down the hallway to the left to our facility and wait outside at one of socially distanced blue tape stripes until a Customer Advocate comes out to greet you
  4. Our Customer Advocate will take your temperatures and do a quick COVID-19 related health questionnaire.  If it checks out, the Customer Advocate will bring you into the facility.  If you are getting into the pool or if your child is over 6 years in age, we will give you a face shield as an extra precaution
  5. Our Customer Advocate will lead you to the pool room and help you find a place for your gear in the pool room
  6. Our Deck Manager will greet you, direct you to the deck shower where you will rinse and then to the pool and your coach for the lesson
  7. At the conclusion of your lesson, you will exit from the back to pool room and out to Webster Ave.

Click the video to the right to walk through the process and see it for yourself.

For specifics about what will happen during your lesson, please continue to the section below.
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What to Expect at Your First Lesson

Once you rinse off and head to the pool, the magic will begin.

  1. The Deck Manager will introduce you to your coach
  2. The coach will have a quick conversation with you about your background or your child’s background.  They will find out if you have goals or key deadlines (e.g., camp, vacation, state meet)
  3. The coach will introduce you or your child to the rest of the class, so you feel welcome
  4. At the conclusion of the lesson, the coach will talk to you about how the lesson went, if the class is the right fit, and general path the class will take
  5. The coach will then turn you back over to the Deck Manager who will help you find the changing rooms and take your face shield
  6. The Deck Manager will answer any questions that you have
  7. If you are here for a trial class, the Deck Manager will direct you to the office to learn about pricing and to sign up for ongoing classes
  8. We will direct you to the exit off the pool room and out to Webster Ave.

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Rules of the Pools

Every swimming facility has to have rules to keep our swimmers safe.  We’ll ask you to follow these rules when you visit the Swim Studio for a lesson.

  1. Deck shoes or flip flops are the only shoes allowed in the pool room
  2. Prior to entering the pool, please rinse off in the shower
  3. No one is allowed into the pool if a CBD instructor is not present on deck or in the water
  4. Non-potty trained children must “double diaper” — wear a fitted, reusable swim diaper over a disposable diaper. Contact our office for more details or to purchase
  5. No food or drink on deck other than water
  6. No diving except in water at least 8 feet deep and with a CBD instructor present
  7. No running or horseplay on deck

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COVID-19 Policies

Our number one goal is the safety of you and your family. When the Mayor announced the start of Phase 3 in early June, we knew health and safety had to be our #1 priority going forward.  We spent the months of June and July designing, implementing, and improving our health, cleaning, and safety protocols to meet the challenges of the coronavirus.  The changes included the layout of the Swim Studio, staff structure, maintenance processes, and class redesign for social distancing.  To find out the specifics, head to our COVID-19 Strategy page of the website.
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