PACE© Swim Training

Join the Chicago Blue Dolphins’ PACE© Swim Training program to transform your swimming prowess with our dynamic membership that will elevate your skills, endurance, and speed.

We offer three paid Coaching Membership levels, each offering practice plans, support videos, and other unique perks from personalized coaching to exclusive access to our advanced Circle community resources.  We also offer a free Community Membership to give you access to swimming-related articles and a place to discuss your daily swimming experiences with other like-minded members of our community.

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Whether you are seeking professional coaching, structured practice sessions for the pool or open water, or connection to a community of like-minded individuals, we have a program for you.  For more information about the PACE© Swim Training Program, please continue on to the sections below.

What is PACE© Swim Training all about?
PACE stands for Precision Aquatic Conditioning & Education.  We designed PACE to rapidly develop and refine the skills and fitness that you need to achieve race day and personal fitness successes.  We chose that name for our program because the program is:

  • Precise: We’ll calibrate your practices to your current skill and conditioning level and regularly reset based on performance practice sets.  The practices will be more precise and impactful because they are individualized to your current technique profile and conditioning level
  • Technique Driven: We’ll incorporate a set of high-impact stroke drills into your program to help you reduce the drag slowing your down and increase the propulsion sending you forward
  • Educational: We’ll give you the resources you need to understand the reasons behind the stroke design, how each practice fits into the overall plan, and how to improve your swimming
  • Technology Enhanced: We incorporate key pool tools and technology into our program to help you lock your attention into the moment and better track your progress

PACE is the program for you if you are looking for more intensive coaching, individualized practices, and specific training sets designed for fitness and racing needs.

What are the PACE Membership Levels?

We have four different membership levels for PACE.  The more expensive levels will include greater coaching, practicing tailoring, community support, and customization.  We know that all swimmers don’t want the same thing from a training program, so we wanted to give you options.

PACE Community (FREE)

The PACE Community membership level is free and targeted toward those swimmers who are looking for access to information about swimming and for a place to connect with other swimmers to share tips and experiences.  The Community Membership includes:

  • Articles relevant to three different skills levels:  Learn-to-Swim (newbies), Building Proficiency (intermediate), and Advanced Skills (advanced).  Like a post or add a comment if the topic resonated with you or if you have a question about it
  • The Did You Swim Today? space allows you to post about your swims — where you did it, what you did, what you learned and achieved, who you swam with, etc.  You can also read about other members’ swims, pick up a tip, or cheer on their progress
  • Announcements about new features of the PACE Swim Training community

Click the button below to direct yourself to our Circle community.  Click Sign Up in the upper right corner to join us.

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PACE Essentials ($35/month)

The PACE Essentials membership level is targeted toward those swimmers who are looking for purposeful practice plans and basic support in the form of drill video clips and basic self-service support files.  The practices will be designed around the stroke drills and focal points that are most fundamental to improving efficiency. The list of services for PACE Essentials includes all the services in PACE Community membership plan PLUS:

  • Three practices per week sent to you through Training Peaks to structure your pool time
  • Setting individualized pacing zones, stroke counts, and tempos in your Training Peaks profile based on the results of your monthly test sets
  • 1 DM per month in the Circle App with a Chicago Blue Dolphins coach to answer questions
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PACE Select ($105/month)

The PACE Select membership level is targeted toward those swimmers who are looking for a more customized training program and access to the Circle community for more support and collaboration with other athletes.  The list of services for PACE Select members includes all the services in PACE Essentials membership plan PLUS:

  • One textual analysis with screen shots of a swimming video clip every quarter (3 months)Swimmer must provide the video to the coach.
  • Access to the Circle “Ask the Coach” community board for questions
  • 2 DMs per month through the Circle App with a Chicago Blue Dolphins coach
  • 5% discount on all CBD classes and private/semi-private lessons at the Swim Studio
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PACE Premium ($275/month)

The PACE Premium membership level is targeted toward those swimmers who have a specific racing goal that they are looking to achieve and want to have a tailored and active coaching experience to ensure their success.  The list of services for PACE Premium includes all the services in PACE Select membership plan PLUS:

  • Initial phone or video call to set up the practice plan, define goals and key race dates, and other milestones
  • Three or more practices per week sent to you through Training Peaks with weekly adjustments based on swimmer feedback to maximize training effects
  • Coach will conduct a weekly review of practice feedback and Training Peaks data
  • One textual and voiceover analysis of a video clip per monthSwimmer must provide the video to the coach.
  • Customized set of stroke drills and focal points for the practices based on the results of the video analysis
  • Up to 30 minutes of phone or video calls per month (calls are either 15 or 30 minutes in length)
  • 4 DMs per month through the Circle App with a Chicago Blue Dolphins coach
  • 10% discount on all CBD classes and private/semi-private lessons at the Swim Studio
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What is the Cost?
The monthly tuition cost for the three different PACE Coaching Membership levels are shown below.  For more details on what is included with each membership level, see the above section:  “What are the PACE Membership Levels?”

Membership Level Tuition Per Month
PACE Community FREE
PACE Essentials $35.00
PACE Select $105.00
PACE Premium $275.00

In addition to the membership level, there are supplemental services that you can purchase on an ad-hoc basis if you feel it will help improve your PACE experience.  Contact the CBD office at (773) 342-7250 to schedule or register for these services.

Service Description Cost
Calibration Clinic Coach-led group clinic at an outside facility including a 60-minute practice to run the time trial test set and 30-minute session to capture video clips for each swimmer for video analysis.  Note:  This will run on a schedule set by the CBD coaching staff $90.00
15-Minute Coach Phone or Video Call A 15-minute appointment scheduled with a coach over the phone or a video call to get answers to any questions or to resolve training issues $35.00
How Does Your Billing Work?
When you sign up for the PACE© Swim Training program, we will charge you for the first month on the date of your registration.  Each month on the anniversary of your registration, we will charge you for another month of membership.  We will keep you on autopay until you notify us in writing that you are planning on leaving the program.  If you would like to cancel your membership, please contact our office at (773) 342-7250 to remove your registration from our systems.

Are There Any Prerequisites for Coaching Memberships?
Before signing up for any of the PACE Coaching Membership Levels, you should be able to swim at least 50 yards of freestyle with a minimal break at the wall to turn around.  The coaching programs will center around delivering you practices rather than teaching you how to swim.  While technique work will be central to the practices, if you feel like you can’t meet this distance standard or if you feel like your freestyle stroke needs lots of work, we strongly recommend you first sign up for a Freestyle small group class or an equivalent set of private lessons.  If you would like to discuss your background with a member of our staff, please reach out to our office.

Any Questions?
If you have any questions about PACE or want help with your registration, call our office at (773) 342-7250 or fill out a contact form and we’ll reach out to you.

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