Adult Stroke Improvement: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly

Our Stroke Improvement program is for those adults who can swim but want to improve their efficiency, speed, or general swimming enjoyment.  This track is appealing to our triathletes who want to improve their swim splits while saving energy for the bike and run. Fitness and Masters swimmers also enjoy this track because we help improve efficiency, speed and overall enjoyment of the sport.

To enter directly into the Stroke Improvement track, you must be able to swim 100 yards of freestyle or 50 yards of the other strokes without stopping. Our coaches will assume that you have a developed stroke already and are looking to improve its efficiency. If you don’t think you can meet these standards, we suggest going through our Adult Learn-to-Swim track.

Each of our stroke improvement classes uses a sequence of technical drills that gradually build the stroke from the simplest movement to the full stroke.  Our adults like this approach because it breaks down and builds the strokes and explains how to train in a methodical way that makes sense to an adult.  Your stroke improvement will be targeted so that your time in the water is most effective—something important in our schedule-stretched lives.

We offer stroke improvement classes in all four strokes.  Since most adults have an interest in learning freestyle, we offer stand-alone freestyle classes and two separate classes that focus on the backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

What is the Class Sequence?

Freestyle 1
Freestyle 2
Freestyle 3
Three Strokes 1
Three Strokes 2

What Can You Expect from Our Adult Stroke Improvement Classes?

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