UIC Sport and Fitness Center (SFC) — Location Information

UIC Sport and Fitness Center (SFC)
828 S. Wolcott Ave., Chicago, IL 60612
Phone (773) 342-7250 (CBD Office)
Directions Follow this link to Google Maps to get directions by car or for routes using the CTA.  The map also gives a layout of the campus buildings in the area.
Parking The best place to park for the UIC SFC is on Taylor St. between Wolcott Ave. and Hoyne Ave.  The most convenient spot to part is on Taylor St. between Damen Ave. and Wolcott Ave., but you will need to feed the city parking meters.

There are bike racks outside the building for those riding their bike to the facility.

Facility Entry While its address indicates that it’s on Wolcott Ave., the UIC SFC is actually inside a quad formed between Polk Ave. and Taylor Ave. on the north and south, respectively, and between Damen Ave. and Wolcott Ave., on the west and east, respectively.  It’s just to the southwest of the UIC Student Center West in the same quad.

You can use sidewalks from any of the above streets to access the quad and get to the UIC SFC.  You will walk up a ramp and enter through a revolving door to the building lobby.  Look for a blue sign for the facility outside the main doors.  The Google Map linked above gives a nice depiction of this part of the UIC Campus.

Getting to the UIC SFC Pool Once you enter the building, here are the steps you’ll take to get to your swim class:

  1. Enter the UIC SFC and stop at the front desk.  We have given the front desk staff a list of student names.  Provide them your name and walk through the turn stile into the main lobby.
  2. Continue to walk straight down the hallway and down the stairs or the ADA ramp until you reach the end of the hall where you will turn left and go down the stairs
  3. At the bottom of the stairs, you can do one of the following:
    1. Go to the equipment desk.  In exchange for a photo ID, the attendant will give you a towel and lock for daily usage
    2. Go to the right to access the Women’s Locker Room
    3. Go to the left to access the Men’s Locker Room
  4. Change and use one of the lockers in the locker room.  If you have a lock, you can store you equipment for the class duration or you can bring your gear onto the pool deck
  5. Continue through the locker rooms to find showers for rinsing and a door to access the pool
Logistics and Other Information Bring the following to the facility when you come:

  • Towel
  • Lock
  • Swimsuit
  • Swim cap (if you have hair down below your shoulders or if you just want to wear one)
  • Flip flops or deck shoes for the walk from the locker rooms to the pool

You can usually rent a lock or towel from the front desk, but it’s always good to have backup in case they are temporarily out when you arrive.

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