2017 Splash List: What’s ‘on deck’ at Chicago Blue Dolphins

As the owner of Chicago’s only local, non-franchise swim school, I take immense pride in the quality instruction we offer adults and children alike.

I also know there’s always room for improvement. That’s why my team and I listen carefully to what our clients tell us. And we’ve taken all of your feedback from last year and used it to inspire the…

2017 Splash List for Chicago Blue Dolphins

(It’s like a punch list but better!)

  1. Add New Skills Games to Infant-Toddler 1 Classes
  2. Add Deck Supervisors
  3. Re-Organize and Maximize Our Locker Rooms and Entry Area
  4. Track Your Progress!
  5. Add Longer Duration Swimming for Infant-Toddler 2 Classes
  6. Have Fun & Develop Great Swimmers

#1: Add New Skills Games to Infant-Toddler 1 Classes

We use a consistent routine in our Infant-Toddler classes because the little ones thrive when the class structure is predictable. This year, our instructors will periodically insert a new game, song or activity into the lesson plan when she feels it will help develop skills the kiddos need to work on the most. We hope these tweaks help our littlest students progress faster. As an added bonus, the variety will keep the classes fresh for parents and caregivers.

Singing "wheels on the bus" in an infant toddler class.

Pool deck supervisor Chicago Blue Dolphins

#2: Add Deck Supervisors

Whether you’re in your first or 15th class, we know that questions come up that are hard to ask in the middle of class. That’s why we’re adding Deck Supervisors, who will be the always-available, go-to people who are literally on deck and ready to help out, to answer questions or lend an extra coaching hand.

#3: Re-Org and Maximize Our Locker Rooms and Waiting Area

Being in the city, we can all appreciate that space is a premium. To maximize space, storage and ease of use in our Swim Studio, we’ll be working with a professional to re-organize our locker rooms and waiting area.

Plans to re-organize locker rooms

Track swimming class progress

Resolution #4: Track Your Progress!

Whether you’re in an Adult Stroke Improvement or a Kids Learn-To-Swim class, your coach completes a skills evaluation at the end of every session. In 2017, we will now be logging these evaluations into a central database and emailing you a copy at the end of each monthly session. This will enable you to see how you or your little swimmer is developing. And because it’s on a database, we can review short- and long-term progress with you anytime you like.

#5: Add Longer Duration Swimming for Infant-Toddler 2 Classes

We have added a “long swims” segment to our Infant-Toddler 2 class to teach our kids to glide and kick for 5 seconds or longer without discomfort. Longer swims help our kids develop the stamina needed to master the IT2 Safety Sequence* and be ready for learning back and front strokes in IT3. Our kids love the long swims because they get to play on Mr. Duck. And our parents think it looks super cool to see their kiddos swimming a good distance on their own.

(* Entering the water, swimming out and back, and climbing back out.)

Child in pool with coach

Adult competitive swimmer

#6: Have Fun & Develop Great Swimmers

This is our Splash List every day of every year. We hope to see you in our Swim Studio or Swift School pools very soon.

Any questions about our Splash List or courses? Feel free to email us!

Adult Swimming Lessons
Baby and Toddler Swim Lessons
Swimming Classes for Kids 4-12

See you at the pool!

John Fitzpatrick
Owner, Founder & Head Coach

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