5 reasons to check out our swim classes at Swift Elementary School

Swim lessons at Swift Elementary School We like to brag about our cutting-edge, custom-built Swim Studio whenever we can. But for many of you, our location at Swift Elementary in Edgewater can offer some swim experiences the Swim Studio cannot and may be more convenient if you live in Andersonville, Lincoln Square, Rogers Park or Uptown.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Ready for the “Open” Water: Okay, maybe not quite. But Swift Elementary does offer a full-size pool, which is ideal for putting all that you’ve learned to the test and feeling the joy of moving through the water from one end of the pool to the other.
  2. Practice Your Moves: With the full-size pool and deeper water, we can also practice flip turns, treading water and diving into the water from platforms. For those who like visual feedback and cues, the pool has mirrors on the bottom of the deep end and a backstroke flag for flip-turns.
  3. Still Nice and Warm: With our short Chicago summers, a heated pool is a must. While our Swim Studio pools are a balmy 90 degrees year-round, the Swift pool is still a respectable 80-82 degrees. (We have yet to find a deep-water pool that’s kept at 90 degrees. It’s simply too costly.)
  4. Free Parking: It’s the city. Who doesn’t love free, easy parking?
  5. Easy Access to the El: Not driving? Take the Red Line to Thorndale, and the school is right there.

We offer most of our classes at Swift Elementary, primarily from 4 pm to 7:15 pm Monday through Friday, including:

  • Kids Intermediate 1 & 2
  • Kids Swim Team
  • Adult Learn to Swim
  • Adult Freestyle
  • Fast Forward

Interested in learning more? Email us or call our office at 773-342-7250 for details.

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