Adult Learn to Swim

Adult Learn to Swim

Learn Ease and Flow

We’re excited that you are looking into our Adult Learn to Swim.  Our classes teach non-swimmers and fearful swimmers how to swim for fitness and fun. Please contact us if you have questions unanswered by the following sections:


Program Overview – Adult Learn to Swim

Our Adult Learn to Swim program teaches you the strokes and skills to let you enjoy water vacations, swim with your kids, and swim for fitness. They set a strong foundation for those who want to learn to swim freestyle (or front crawl) to do a triathlon. This is the right program for you if:

  • You have a fear of the water.
  • You don’t know any of the swimming strokes.
  • You can swim for short distances but you get exhausted.

We have broken up our learn-to-swim sequence into three classes that gradually build your confidence and skills in the water.  The classes run monthly, so you can always repeat a class if you feel like you need additional work on the skills from your current class.  Our three classes include:

  • Water Adjustment and Basic Skills (Level 1) — Learn to float, glide, and swim on your front and back.  Our goal is to eliminate anxiety and tension so you can concentrate on learning and enjoyment.
  • Simple Strokes and Advanced Skills (Level 2) — We will fully develop the simple strokes from Level 1 and incorporate breathing. You will add advanced floating and navigation skills to your toolkit to make you more resourceful in the water. You should feel confident swimming for fitness in a shallow water pool.
  • Deep Water Skills and Fitness Swimming (Level 3) — This class emphasizes comfort in water where you can can’t stand. You will learn floating and navigation exercises, as well as the three stationary deep water skills – treading, survival floating, and back floating. Finally, we will teach you to swim effortless for “distance” and confident that you can get air whenever you want it.

At the conclusion of the class, you will move on to the Stroke Technique classes and learn the basics of the freestyle or other strokes.


Shout out to Maureen! Like all the other reviews, I too had a great experience!  They understand that adults who are fearful of the water, need to be taught differently than other types of individuals.  Thank you!  -S.G.

Truly awesome experience.  Don’t waste your money on amateurish lessons from other folks.  CBD taught me more in 30 minutes than I had learned in 6 weeks at a park district! –S.L.

The instructors are great, the pace is perfect for a beginner — I do not feel like I am being rushed to the next step until I thoroughly get the first step. — A.J.

Patient and friendly staff, I didn’t expect this to be a nerve-wracking experience, but it brought up a lot of childhood memories. Having the check-in staff and instructor, Elia, be so kind and friendly helped put me at ease and be ready to learn and have a new, positive experience. — J.D.

Private and Semi-Private Lesson Tuition

While we offer both 25 and 50 minute private lessons, adults seem to work best with 50 minute lessons. With all of the different priorities in our adult lives, having a longer lesson usually allows more work to get done in each session.  We offer private lessons in one, two, and three person options; if you would like to do semi-private lessons, you need to provide the other members in the party. Purchases of five lessons at a time will receive a 10% discount.

If you are unsure where you fit in to our group class progression or whether private or group classes best meet your needs, contact our office to schedule a 25-minute Skills Assessment lesson. Our instructor will run you through a series of exercises to determine your current skill level and then will give you an overview of the skills progression that best matches your skills and goals.

If you opt to move ahead with one of our private lesson tuition plans, you will be charged for a $20.00 annual membership to cover insurance and safety costs.  If you continue on with us beyond one year (and we hope you do), you will be charged the annual membership fee on each anniversary you have with us.

Lesson Type
25 Minute Single 25 Minute Five Pack 50 Minute Single 50 Minute Five Pack Tier I Coach
50 Minute Five Pack
Skills Assessment $30.00 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Private $50.00 $225.00 $100.00 $450.00 $575.00
Two Swimmers (Per Person) $32.50 $146.25 $65.00 $292.50 $373.00
Three Swimmers (Per Person) $25.00 $112.50 $50.00 $225.50 $285.50

Group Class Recurring Tuition and Class Sizes

We offer our Adult Learn-to-Swim classes in a small group setting. We keep the size of our group classes small to give each swimmer more attention and more time to practice. Our student-to-teacher ratio in these classes is 3:1. Our adult group swim classes meet one time per week for 3 months, and each class lasts for 1 hour. We believe that you will see a significant improvement in your swimming in 3 months.

Even though each class runs for 3 months, tuition is paid monthly instead of in one lump sump. This makes it easier on your budget.

In addition to tuition, there is a $20 annual membership fee to cover insurance and safety costs. If you continue on with us beyond one year (and we hope you do), you’ll be charged the membership fee on each anniversary. 

If you withdraw from the class before the end of the 3-month term, there is a $50 cancellation fee. For more details about withdrawing from a class, see “Disenrollment from Automatic Tuition Renewal” on our Policies and Procedures page.

How Our Billing Works

When you register for a class, we charge your credit card that day for the first month of tuition. We will then set you up for automatic payment on the same day in subsequent months. You’ll remain on auto pay until you move to a class with a different tuition or until you discontinue classes.

Adult Learn-to-Swim Tuition

Our Adult Learn-to-Swim classes are 60 minutes in duration.  The table below shows the tuition cost per month for each plan:

Location Tuition Per Month
Swim Studio $169.00
Swift Elementary $169.00

Upcoming Group Classes

The following table lists the schedule for upcoming Adult Learn to Swim group classes. If you would like to register for a class, click “Sign Up” to register online or contact our office to check on availability.

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