Kids Swimming Lessons (Ages 4-12)

Kids swimming lessons, ages 4-12, beginner, intermediate | Chicago Blue Dolphins Swim SchoolWhen you choose Chicago Blue Dolphins for your child, you’re choosing the most innovative children’s swimming program in Chicago.

We know that’s a bold statement, but we stand firmly behind it because we:

  • Use gold-standard teaching methods.
  • Conduct classes in our cutting-edge Swim Studio for faster, more precise learning.
  • Incorporate a mix of smaller, Endless pools and full-size pools that build swimmer fitness and teach a full range of swimming and water safety skills.
  • Use games, imagination and fun drill names like “Hot dog!” and “Superman arms” to keep learning fun yet effective.
  • Apply technology, such as instant video playback, for faster learning.

We’re extremely proud of the fact that our methods; our positive, patient and fun delivery; and our technology builds better swimmers because the children clearly understand what they’re supposed to do and how to do it.

Here are all the details on our swimming classes for kids ages 4 to 12:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions that we don’t cover here.


Overview of Classes

Kids Learn to Swim Roadmap

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Our Kids Learn-to-Swim program consists of these courses:

Once your young swimmer graduates from Intermediate 2, s/he advances to the Chicago Blue Dolphins Swim Team.

You can choose group classes or private lessons for your child. In all of these classes, children are in the pool without a parent or caregiver.

Beginner 1 & 2 – Pre-School (Ages 4 and 5)
Beginner 1 & 2 – School-Age (Ages 6 and up)

In these classes, your child will focus on:

  • Becoming comfortable and relaxed in the water.
  • Learning the basics of aquatic breathing (bubbling).
  • Becoming self-sufficient with floating, gliding, kicking and doing elementary strokes on the front and back.
  • Learning to float for longer times and with more control.
  • Learning the basics of freestyle and backstroke, including body rotation, arm motion, and kicking.
  • Rolling to get air without losing body position or momentum.
  • Learning the basic body positions and leg action for breaststroke and butterfly.

The classes for the pre-schoolers last for 30 minutes, while the school-age classes last for 45 minutes.

When your child moves to the next level, s/he will be able to swim. The next step is to learn the competitive strokes.

Intermediate 1 & 2 (All Ages)
In these 45-minute classes, we will work with your child to develop a rhythmic form of freestyle and backstroke. The classes focus on:

  • Building up to at least 30 strokes of freestyle with rhythmic breathing and better mastery of fundamental positions.
  • Building up to at least 30 strokes of backstroke with good balance, over-water recovery, side-to-side rotation and timing.
  • Learning the foundations of the breaststroke by adding the arm stroke and learning basic timing.
  • Building up to at least 10 strokes of breaststroke with good pull-breathe-kick-glide timing.
  • Completing at least 5 strokes of rhythmic butterfly with at least 1 breath.

Once young swimmers graduate from Intermediate 2, they can join the Chicago Blue Dolphins Swim Team, where we continue to refine their swim strokes and also introduce key skills for racing, such as dives, turns and streamlining.



Best instructors. I’m confident my kids aren’t just playing in the pool–they’re learning to swim and learning proper form. —C.A.

My daughter loves her swimming lessons at CBD. The instructors are very pleasant and try to make it fun and easy for her.  I would recommend this company to parents who want their kids to learn swimming and enjoy it while they do it. —G.F.

Everyone is very friendly and helpful.  I love the curriculum and can see that my daughter is really learning and progressing. —E.W.

The teachers are amazing. They work very hard to get to know my children and gently and playfully they challenge them to the next level. My children always want to go to the lessons because its fun and they learn at the same time. Great didactics. —I.A.

I love the weekend classes especially Sundays. It caters to parents with busy lives. The make up classes are great so that I don’t throw my money away for conditions beyond my control.  Your program is truly catered to children and parents needs. I travel across town and while it is pricey I know that my child will get the one-on-one attention she needs and will not move until she has mastered the necessary skills.  Most places the instructor walks away and spend more time with the kids who are less challenging to teach. This year she actually complained when the class was over and she wanted to stay in the water. I love all of the instructors as they push her in different areas. Thank you Chicago Blue Dolphins! —M.B.

Private and Semi-Private Lesson Tuition

We offer private lessons for those who prefer it, and semi-private lessons if you’re able to recruit at least two other swimmers. Our private lessons last for 25 minutes for one to three students. If you purchase 5 lessons at once, you can save 10 percent.

Not sure if a group class or private lessons are better for your child? Contact our office to schedule a 25-Minute Skills Assessment lesson. Our instructor will run your kiddo through a series of exercises to determine her current skill level and then will give you an overview of the skills progression that best matches her skills and goals.

If you opt to move ahead with one of our private lesson tuition plans, you will be charged for a $20.00 annual membership to cover insurance and safety costs.  If you continue on with us beyond one year (and we hope you do), you will be charged the annual membership fee on each anniversary you have with us. 

Lesson Type
Single Lesson Tuition Five Pack Tuition
Skills Assessment $30.00 N/A
Private $50.00 $225.00
Two Swimmers (Per Person) $32.50 $146.25
Three Swimmers (Per Person) $25.00 $112.50

Group Class Tuition and Class Sizes

We offer our Kids Learn-to-Swim classes in a small group setting. We keep the size of our group classes small to give each child more attention and practice. Our student-to-teacher ratio in our Kids Learn-to-Swim classes is 3:1.

Our children’s group swim classes run for 3 months at a time. This is the amount of time it takes for your young swimmer to make measurable improvements.

Even though each class runs for 3 months, tuition is paid monthly instead of in one lump sump. This makes it easier on the family budget. We also offer a discount when you enroll your child in more than one class per week. Coming more frequently helps your little one adjust more quickly to the water and speeds up the learning process.

In addition to tuition, there is a $20 annual membership fee to cover insurance and safety costs. If you continue on with us beyond one year (and we hope you do), you’ll be charged the membership fee on each anniversary. 

If you withdraw from the class before the end of the 3-month term, there is a $50 cancellation fee. For more details about withdrawing from a class, see “Disenrollment from Automatic Tuition Renewal” on our Policies and Procedures page.

How Our Billing Works

When you register for a class, we charge your credit card that day for the first month of tuition. We will then set you up for automatic payment on the same day in subsequent months. We will keep you on auto pay until your child moves into a class with a different tuition or until you decide to discontinue classes with us.

Beginner 1 & 2 – Preschool (Ages 4-5)

Classes Per Week Tuition Per Month
1 $89.00
2 $170.00
3 $245.00
4 $316.00

Beginner 1 & 2 – School-Age (Ages 6 Years & Up)

Classes Per Week Tuition Per Month
1 $129.00
2 $245.00
3 $356.00
4 $458.00

Intermediate 1 & 2 (All Ages)

Classes Per Week Tuition Per Month
1 $129.00
2 $245.00
3 $356.00
4 $458.00


Upcoming Class Schedule

The following table lists our current schedule for Kids Learn-to-Swim swim classes at all of our locations.  You can filter the results by location, day of the week, time of day, and instructor.

If you see a SIGN UP button next to the class name, there is space available and you can register online by clicking the button. If you would like to register for a more advanced class, schedule a make-up class, or put yourself on a waiting list for a class that’s full, please contact our office.

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