Adult Swimming Lessons

Chicago Blue Dolphins has been the premiere school for adult swimming lessons since 2001. This is because we coach adults of all skill levels. Are you an adult with a fear of the water? We can help. Are you an athlete looking to improve your triathlon performance? We can help.

Adult Swimming Lessons Overview

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Our adult swim lessons fall into three categories:


Ideal for: Adults taking their first strokes and wanting to learn to swim for safety, fitness, vacation or a triathlon.

Our Adult Learn-to-Swim program is where we truly excel. We teach you strokes and skills so you can enjoy water vacations, swimming with your kids and swimming for fitness.  In these classes, our coaches set a strong foundation for those who want to learn to freestyle (or front crawl) to do a triathlon.  This is the right program for you if you:

  • Have a fear of the water.
  • Don’t know any of the swimming strokes.
  • Become exhausted swimming short distances.

Stroke Refinement and Video Analysis

Ideal for: Adults who can swim at least 100 yards continuously in a stroke and who want to use video analysis to improve their skills.

Our Stroke Refinement program is for experienced swimmers who want to improve their efficiency, speed or general swimming enjoyment. This track is appealing to triathletes who want to improve their swim splits, while conserving energy for the bike and run.

To enter the program, you must be able to swim 100 yards of freestyle or 50 yards of another stroke nonstop. Our coaches assume you have a developed stroke and are looking to improve it.

Fast Forward Training

Ideal for: Adults who have completed Stroke Refinement and who want to improve their racing skills.

Fast Forward delivers technology-enhanced, accelerated learning. This is the course for you if you’re looking for more intensive coaching, individualized practices, and specific training sets designed for fitness and racing.

We designed Fast Forward to rapidly develop and refine the skills you need to achieve race-day success or fitness goals. We apply Total Immersion stroke drills and training methods to help you practice mindfully and improve in a shorter period of time.

If you would like to learn more about our philosophy and guiding principles when designing our adult program, please click the presentation at the top of this page.

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