Video Swim Analysis for Adults and Kids

dartfishUsing video during swim lessons is one of the most powerful ways to speed up skill acquisition and your learning and comprehension of what you need to do to become a better swimmer.

While we will use video underwater and above water as part of our lessons at the Swim Studio, many of you will want to take the video home with you.  Our Dartfish video analysis software allows us to include voiceover, annotations, drawing on the video and other such premium services. Because not everyone wants the same degree of video service, we’ve created different levels of video service to meet our client’s needs.

Video Analysis Levels

We offer four levels of video service. With each successive level, you will receive more analysis and annotation with your video.  All videos provide information and commentary about your stroke and what you need to do to improve it.

Please Note:  We video tape discrete swims—typically the final swim of the lesson. We will not video tape the entire lesson from beginning to end.

Standard Video Service (Included in the Lesson Price)
Bronze Video Service—The Video 'To Do' List
Silver Video Service—Your Virtual Coach
Gold Video Service—360-Degree Stroke Analysis

Video Analysis Pricing

What is the Cost?

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