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Singing “Ring Around the Rosy” is a favorite part of our baby and toddler swim classes.

Would you like your baby or toddler to develop a lifelong love of the water? At Chicago Blue Dolphins, we help them do just that by using a child-centered approach for our infant-toddler swim classes. We use songs, games and toys to bring joy to the learning process, which helps the children learn faster and better and eliminates pressure, anxiety, crying and coughing.

We introduce skills when your child is ready, open and relaxed.  We take the tears out of the process and foster fun in learning. There are never any forced back floats, immersions or aggressive skills-based teaching.

We adopted the child-centric philosophy nearly a decade ago, and the results have been amazing. When a child is happy and enjoying learning, the skills become ingrained in a positive way, and this leads to stronger, higher quality swim strokes as they develop.

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