Four Stroke Intensive Swim Camp

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During this winter break, give that favorite swim team member in your life the gift of better strokes and faster time with our “Four Stroke Intensive Clinic.”  We will concentrate on one stroke per day for 90 minutes, so we can get through them all in one week.

Our camp will run from Wednesday January 2nd to Saturday January 5th from 10:00am to 11:30am.  Kids should have practice-ready versions of the four competitive strokes; we will work on refining the strokes rather than learning them from scratch.

The cost is $250 per child.  Included in the price will be copies of the final video clips for each stroke and 2-3 key areas for improvement.

Register by December 14th and get $25.00 off using discount code HOLIDAY18!

Road Map for the Camp

Each day we will take a different stroke and focus on improving each swimmer’s efficiency and speed.  We will use our Dartfish video technology to record and review the swimmer’s performance, above-water and underwater mirrors for real-time feedback, and our Endless Pools to help breakdown and rebuild the strokes.  Each take will take the following rough road map:

  1. Review the Stroke Model — We’ll take a look at some video clips of excellent swimmers demonstrating efficient swimming form
  2. Videotape Swimmers and Compare to Model — Using the model as a context, we’ll do an initial video clip and point out how well the swimmer matches up
  3. Drill Breakdown — We’ll  practice a small number of drills and rehearsal exercises to feel the nuances of the technical points
  4. Full Stroke Rebuild — We’ll then return to the stroke and build up to pace.  Taking the visuals and the sensory input from the drills, we’ll work on feeling them in rhythm
  5. Videotape Swimmers and Track Improvement — We’ll do a final video clip and evaluate improvement on the stroke

Our Dartfish technology supports a special delayed video playback mode to let the kids see what they were doing on every swim they execute.  With the model in mind, they have a context to see whether they are getting closer after every clip.

Structure and Schedule

Swim stroke video analysisEach session will run for 90 minutes.  The order of the strokes are as follows:

  • Wednesday January 2 — Freestyle
  • Thursday January 3 — Backstroke
  • Friday January 4 — Breaststroke
  • Saturday January 5 — Butterfly

The each session will amount to roughly 10 minutes of video samples, 20 minutes of video taping and analysis, and 60 minutes of stroke work.

Camp Registration

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