8 reasons to sign up for your first triathlon

8 reasons to sign up for your first triathlonWe’re officially 6 months out from the Chicago Triathlon, and we know many of you are debating signing up for your first tri…

“Oh, I should sign up…”
“But I don’t like to run.”
“Lake Michigan is cold!”
“What if I get a flat tire?”

We say: Tell your fears to get lost and go for it! Whether you choose Chicago or another race, here are 8 reasons why we think this should be your year to compete in your first triathlon:

1) Bragging Rights

Competing in a triathlon let’s you prove something to yourself and gives you a perfect conversation starter for your next cocktail party. In short, you earn big bragging rights. And for good reason! It’s an accomplishment worthy of respect and admiration. In fact, you’ll be among less than 1 percent of the population who even attempts a tri.

2) It’s Good for Your Health

Been looking to get in shape but can’t quite commit to a gym or CrossFit? Consider the mental and physical health benefits of running, swimming and biking your way back into shape. You benefit from the inherent variety in the training, too, because you work out all of your muscles vs. risking overworking a single group of muscles.

3) Get in Touch with the Great Outdoors

Sure, you could train exclusively in a gym and indoor pool for a triathlon. But why would you? Training for a tri gives you every reason to rediscover bike and running paths near you and to seek out open water swimming areas for a taste of the race day that’s to come.

4) Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Many of us are on board with the idea of swimming or biking or running. But it is a completely different physical challenge to all three in succession — not to mention getting out of a sausage casing (i.e., wetsuit).  How amazing would it would feel to overcome the fear of the open water swim?  Or to prove to yourself that a 40k bike leg isn’t that intimidating after all?

5) Three Times the Variety of a Marathon

We have complete respect for all the marathoners among us, but triathlons are ideal for those who want an endurance challenge and dread the idea of running for 3 to 6 hours straight.  Yes, each leg can be grueling in its own right, but none of them last for long…not too long, anyway. And even your training has more variety. Not up for a bike ride today? That’s OK. Swim today, bike tomorrow.

6) You’ll be a Role Model for your Kids

Do you struggle to limit your kids’ screen time? Or get them outside on a beautiful sunny day? Lead by example. Get out there and swim, bike and run. You’ll make a positive impression on their young minds, and they’ll have a chance to exercise their artistic abilities when they make their race-day signs.

7) It’s a Perfect Excuse to Draw on Yourself with Markers

Remember all those times when your Mom scolded you for drawing on yourself? Well, just wait until triathlon weekend. You’ll have your race number emblazoned all over your arms and legs as a badge of honor.

8) For the Celebration at the Finish Line

After months of grueling training and a race day that challenges you mentally and physically, there’s one moment that makes it all worth while: Crossing the finish line. And that’s followed by free food and merriment with your fans and your fellow racers.

At Chicago Blue Dolphins, we’re big fans of all things swimming. Among our coaches, we’ve completed dozens of triathlons. If you have questions or want to refine your swim strokes before you compete, feel free to reach out today.

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