CBD takes 5th at the Illinois Masters State Meet!

Chicago Blue Dolphins had its best finish at a State Meet ever this weekend, 5th Place, at the Illinois Masters State Meet at the Kishwaukee YMCA in DeKalb.  Two other notables for now are Eric Nilsson who took the Men’s High Point trophy for the 18-24 Age Group and Tim Carlson who took the Men’s High Point trophy for the 30-34 Age Group.  The team broke a bunch of Illinois state records, but the final results aren’t posted yet.  We’ll have other updates to the blog later this week.

Thank you to the following team members who came out for the meet:

  • Tim Carlson
  • Eric Nilsson
  • Katie Braun
  • Becky Kreutzjans
  • Julia Sutherland
  • Cory Robertson
  • Charlie Cunnick
  • Eric Hatch
  • Grace Chappell
  • Christina Liu
  • Jeanine Bogart
  • Liz Jobe
  • Kate Lorenz
  • Laura Wegner
  • Jess Stephens
  • Alex Helfers
  • T.R. Raese
  • Dan Cook
  • Matt Wyble
  • John Cole
  • Sarah Randag
  • Justin Chiles

If you see these folks at practice or around town, please wish them congratulations for putting in a lot of great races and relays.

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