Holiday Fitness Challenge — Setting Up your Fitness Log (FLOG)

To help you track your swimming yardage during the Holiday Fitness Challenge, we suggest using the US Masters Swimming Fitness Log, or FLOG.  This program can track for multiple types of workouts and fitness memberships.  And it’s FREE with your USMS membership.  Here are the steps you can follow to set up your FLOG and start entering your information.

1)  Go to the MyUSMS page to create a user id for yourself —

2)  In the “HELP!  What is my user name or password?” section, click the link “go here to create one now” to create a user id in the discussion forums

3)  Enter your date of birth and click proceed

4)  Agree to the forum rules by clicking the check box

5)  Enter a user id, password, your email, and the answer to the security question to create your account.  If you want to enter additional information about yourself in the section below, feel free to do so.

6)  Go to the email account that you used in your registration.  You will have received an email entitled, “Action Required to Activate Membership for U.S. Masters Swimming Discussion Forums.”  Open the email.

7)  Go to the section that says “To complete your registration, please visit this URL” and click the URL.  If you are an AOL user, you’ll need to click the second URL

8)  Click the link to take you to the MyUSMS area

9)  Click the link to “set up your MyUSMS area today.”

10)  Enter the last 5 characters of your USMS number, your last name, your birthdate, and your gender and then click “Setup My USMS.”

11)  Under the “Available USMS Member Online Services” section, click “My fitness log (FLOG)”

12)  To enter a workout for the day, click the date number in the calendar box

13)  Choose “Swimming” as the type of workout (if you want to enter all of your workouts, that’s fine, too.  Just click that name too).  If you want to track your weight and resting heart rate, you can make entries for those items as well.

14)  Click the length of the pool, the total distance and the units, the time you swam.  If you have any comments or details, enter them and click “Add Workout” at the bottom

15)  Click on “Preferences” in the left sidebar.  Click “Allow anyone to view my workout logs” so that our office can see what you are doing.  Click “Allow anyone to view my fitness measurements (e.g., my weight log)” if you want that to be visible as well.

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