Holiday Fitness Challenge

When I was in Florida last month for the American Swim Coaches Association annual convention, I met some great coaches and had a chance to exchange some ideas. Out of these meetings came the idea for the Holiday Fitness Challenge, a way of keeping ourselves in shape over the holidays, raising some money, and to bring a broader group into a raffle at the Holiday Party.

The way this will work is you will choose an amount of yardage that you think you can complete between Sunday November 21st and the Hour of Power on Sunday December 20th. Pick a challenging number so you can push yourself a little bit. We’ll kick off the Holiday Fitness Challenge with a longer practice on Sunday November 21st to start padding your numbers. We’ll then head out to brunch because we’ll earn the extra calories that pancakes will bring.

To get in the game, you’ll buy in for $20 and get 1 raffle ticket. You can buy additional raffle tickets for $20.You’ll track your yardage over the month to see how you are doing with your goal. If you exceed your goal by December 20th by 15%, you’ll earn another raffle ticket. If you do the Hour of Power, you’ll earn another one. The more you swim, the better your chances of winning the prizes.

The proceeds from the raffle will go to a charity to be announced. We’ll have more information on the raffle prizes and how we’ll track the information in the coming weeks.

I thought this would be fun way to structure our swimming over the month of holiday parties and colder weather. Plus, it will keep you focused on looking good in a swim suit for your holiday vacations.

If you aren’t a member of the team, and you are just reading the blog, but you’d like to take part in it to keep you honest, shoot our office an email at and we’ll figure out a way to support you.

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