November 2008 Performance Set Results

On November 10th and 11th, we ran our second pass at the 3 x 300 or 10 x 100 Performance Set. The test get an average 100 pace, 50 stroke counts, and 10 stroke tempo estimates for each swimmer. Out of these results, we can get our Swimming Golf measure of “swimming effectiveness,” which is the sum of the average time it takes to complete 50 yards or meters and the number of strokes it takes to go that same distance.

In our short-course (25 yard) run at Moody, Ted Meeds (63), Mary Paulsen (64), and Jaemi Jackson (64) had the best golf scores. In our long-course (50 meter) run at UIC, John Cole (75), Jessica Stephens (78), and Patrick McKeever (80) had the best golf scores.

Our current team records are:

Short-Course (Men): Tim Carlson (57 — 09/15/2008)
Short-Course (Women): Mary Paulsen/Jaemi Jackson (64 — 11/10/2008)
Long-Course (Men): John Cole (75 — 11/11/2008)
Long-Course (Women): Jessica Stephens (78 — 11/11/2008)

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