The Finis Swimmer Snorkel — An Essential Practice Tool


Finis Swimmer Snorkel
Finis Swimmer Snorkel

We want to encourage all of our swimmers to purchase a Swimmer Snorkel this fall and bring it to practice on a regular basis.  We’ve found in our teaching that the snorkel is an incredible tool for working on swimming mechanics without being encumbered by the mechanics of getting air.
The Swimmer Snorkel will allow you to slow down and focus just on the mechanics of your balance and posture, your timing, your rotation, your catch, and your kick without having to break form for breathing.  When you take it off, you can change your focus to learning how to hold your smooth stroke as you add the breath.  The swimmers who’ve purchased the snorkels and used them in our Endless Pool and pool-based coaching sessions have more quickly grasped critical technical concepts once they were able to relax with breathing out of the equation.  Mouth breathers might also want to keep a nose-clip handy to help manage the transition to nose bubble exhalation with the snorkel.
You can purchase the Swimmer’s Snorkel at our Gear page on the website.  Simply click the above picture, follow the instructions on the Gear Page, and order the Swimmer Snorkel on High Point Swim.  It will take you no longer than five minutes to see our point.

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