Why We Ask You to Double Up Swim Diapers

Last week, I had to clean up and drain the pools for two “poopy” accidents. Because of the time and class disruption that came with this cleanup, I wanted to answer a common question from parents of non-potty trained infants and toddlers: “Why does my child need to wear two swim diapers to participate in infant-toddler swim class?” The simple answer is that one diaper is for the “1” and the other is for the “2.”

Disposable Swim Diaper

The disposable swim diaper, like the “Little Swimmers” brand keeps the pee-pee from leaking out in the pool. These “swim diapers” are specific to swimming; a regular diaper will take in the water and often explode oozing the inner part of the diaper into the pool.  You can usually find them at any store that is also selling regular diapers.


Reusable Swim Diaper

The reusable diaper, like the Finis brand swim diaper to the right, has elastic bands at the belly and the legs to contain the poopy. While blowouts can happen as all parents know, these dramatically reduce the fecal exposure to the pool water.  You can get these diapers at chain stores like Target or Walmart or at baby stores like Buy-Buy Baby.  You can also google “reusable swim diapers” for more options than you ever wanted. 

The Illinois Department of Public Health lists double diapering as a public health requirement, so we need to make sure that our parents adhere to this standard.  On a related note, if you or your child is experiencing diarrhea, call our office and cancel your appointment.  We are more than happy to schedule a make-up class when your kiddo’s tummy returns to normal.

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