5 Blue Dolphins go to the ITU World Triathlon Championships!

Five CBD members went all the way to Australia last weekend to race in the ITU World Triathlon Championships.

In the Sprint Age-Group race, Steve Johnson (1:01.39) took a Silver Medal in the 30-34 Age Group.  Scott Michalik (1:08.25) took 41st in the 30-34 Age Group.  Angie Koch (1:17.55) took 30th in the 35-39 Age Group.

In the Olympic Age Group race, Steve Johnson (2:00.39) decided that one race just wasn’t enough and took 18th in the 30-34 Age Group.  Jeremy Anderson (2:02.15) took 24th in the 40-44 Age Group.  Coach Nick Early (2:15.19) took 92nd in the 25-29 Age Group.

These races are all pretty freakin’ fast.  If you see these folks at practice, pass along your congratulations for races well done!

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