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Total Immersion Swimming


Total Immersion is the leading method in the market for learning to swim or learning to swim better.  We at Chicago Blue Dolphins have embraced Total Immersion for more than 15 years now, and we would not want to teach the strokes any other way.  We believe that Total Immersion’s methods and technology present the best possible system to use to improve your swimming and enhance your enjoyment of the sport.  It truly is swimming that changes your life.

We have a wide range of classes for swimmers of all ages and skill levels.  We can do lessons in an intensive weekend workshop, a group class over several weeks, or privately at your own pace and schedule.  Read on and see what type of class is right for you and see our current offerings of Total Immersion-based classes.

Registering for the Right Total Immersion Class

We offer one-day immersion classes to improve your strokes using the Total Immersion method.  These workshops are appropriate for you if you can swim 100 yards of freestyle without stopping, face in the water, breathing to the side.

If your freestyle isn’t up to meeting these requirements of you if feel a sense of fear or tension in shallow or deep water, consider signing up for one of our Adult Learn-to-Swim clinics to set a stronger foundation before taking on these classes.

The cost of the class is $375 for the one-day workshop.  The cost of the class includes:

  1. 2.5 hours of classroom lectures and video clip review
  2. 3.5 hours of pool time
  3. Video clips of your initial and final swims with voice-overs pointing out the key items for improvement

You can see our current offerings of one day Total Immersion workshops.  Click the Sign Up button to register online for the class.  If you would like to register over the phone, contact our office at (773) 342-7250 and one of our office representatives will take care of you.

What about My Kids?

While we won’t teach Total Immersion the same way to your children that we do with you, we incorporate the concepts of balance, streamlining, propulsion, and flow in all kids swimming classes.  We’ll just use a more play-based approach to teach them those long, beautiful strokes.  Click the appropriate icon below to head to the appropriate page for your little one(s).

Infant-Toddler(6 Mos - 4 Years)

(6 Mos – 4 Years)

Preschool Aquatics (4 - 5 Years)

Preschool Aquatics
(4 – 5 Years)

School Age Child (6 - 12 Years)

School Age Child
(6 – 12 Years)

For children ages 13 and up, we find that they do better working in our adult swim lesson classes or private lessons.

What if My Kid is on a Swim Team?

Using Underwater Video

Using Underwater Video

Our Advanced Classes and Lessons for Children on Swim Teams (8 Years and Up) use underwater video and pool practices to incorporate advanced stroke refinements, starts, turns, and racing skills. They are an excellent complement to the club swimming practices. Children can learn these skills privately or in a group setting.

Still have Questions?

If you still have questions after looking at the website, please feel free to contact our office for additional assistance.

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